Responsibility at Rubicon

At Rubicon, we know how amazing our planet is and we're doing our bit to keep it that way. From making our business net-zero, to our packaging and working environment, take a peek behind the scenes to see the postive changes we're making for people and planet.

Both Rubicon and A.G. Barr Group have plans in place to be net-zero across our own operations by 2035 and across our whole value chain by 2050.

That's no easy task, but one we're determined to achieve. Our No Time To Waste programme is paving the way here. This programme brings several energy, packaging, sourcing, waste and water initiatives under one banner and reinforces our aim to increase sustainability and reduce our environmental impact.

We've made great progress already - our sites have switched to 100% renewable electricity and we're moving our fleet of lorries to bio-gas (goodbye fossil fuels). But that's just the beginning - there's lots more positive changes to come.

The brains that bring you Rubicon are busy working on ways that we can continue to improve the impact we have on the environment, and packaging plays a huge part in this. From the materials we use, to the ways we use them, our No Time To Waste programme is helping us make constant improvements to our packaging.

Our goal is for our packaging to be 100% circular. That means a future where any packaging we use is recycled and reused.

All our 500ml bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. They can also be recycled again - a big step on our journey to fully circular packaging.

We swapped to paper straws back in 2021. This might sound small, but in a year our straws would stretch the whole length of the UK!

We've made our plastic packaging more lightweight. In short that means... less plastic. Our plastic bottles now use 20% less plastic than they did 10 years ago.

Real change happens when we work together - which is why we've joined forces with some of the biggest companies in the UK to find ways to build solutions for recycling and reduce our impact.

At the heart of every Rubicon drink is our passion for flavour. This all starts with the highest quality fruits. From Alphonso mangoes grown in India, to Passionfruit grown in Ecuador, we carefully source our ingredients from around the world.

We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers and work closely with them to source our ingredients in a responsible way.

We have an amazing group of people in Team Rubicon that work behind the scenes to bring our juicy, flavoursome dreams to life. We're as passionate about making Rubicon a brilliant place to work as we are making delicious, fruity drinks.

From flexible working hours to a really family friendly approach, we take care of our people and we're always looking for new ways to make changes for the better.

Our parent company, A.G. Barr, has partnered with Marie Curie, pledging to donate £150,000 to support them over the next 3 years.

On top of that, Rubicon team members can take time out of the office throughout the year to volunteer for charity too.

Who doesn't like a bit of choice? From low calorie options to drinks rich in vitamin C, we've got a varied range of delicious drinks that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.